Monday, April 16, 2012

Welcome to the launch

Welcome to the  "launch" of the Paddle Pilgrim blog. In a little over two weeks I will launch my kayak in the headwaters of the Mississippi River in Minnesota's Lake Itasca.

You are invited to paddle with me "in spirit" or "in person".  I hope to hear from many of you and even see some of you along the way.  I plan to post pictures and reflections on this home page on a regular basis. The other pages will give you a better sense of what this journey is all about. Thanks to all who have already shown their support in a variety of ways and for your prayers for safety and favorable weather!

"Glorious it is when wandering time is come".  -Eskimo song


  1. The "Leila V" looks fantastic. I also have a Folbot Cooper - "Prince" as he's purple and it tis rainy here in Everett. Saw you in the paper this morning. I'll be following your blog. Best wishes on your journey.

    Lisa in Everett

  2. Greetings to the Rev. David Ellingson,

    From: Richard Mertens

    Reverend Ellingson,

    I came across a news article of your Mississippi River trip while researching for my own trip which will launch May 27, 2012 from West Lafayette, IN on the Wabash to the Ohio and into the Mississippi River down to the Gulf of Mexico. The Facebook page I created is titled "Mississippi River Quest" and it this time it has just a few stock photos and some minor details about my plans. I will follow you on your journey with high interest and wish you the best in the hopes that we may meet up somewhere by chance along the way. Again, Godspeed on your trip!

    richard mertens
    Facebook page Mississippi River Quest