Monday, July 9, 2012

My Radar Don't Show No Fronts

That's what a "good ol' boy" told me as he fished near Wittenberg, MO.  Fishing chatter invariably involves weather prognostication.  I was surprised by his sophisticated electronic forecast.  Maybe I shouldn't have been given the technological turn in the "sport".  I knew, however, from daily experience that were in the midst of a hot and dry stretch with more to come.  High water and flood stage last year was over 40 feet.  It's currently 14 feet and going down.  The sand bars and wing dams are are like sentinels along the river's path protecting and directing the flow.  We parted with the usual "Be safe!"

Not more than an hour later I made one of my regular over-the-shoulder glances to see if a barge was sneaking up behind me.  What do you suppose I saw?  Sure looked like a weather "front" to me.  Angry gray and darker blue clouds were were marching across the sky and pushing me down the river.  A mixture of fear and excitement quickened my paddle stroke-count.  I figured I could "outrun" the rain.  Yah, right!  The wind picked up and with it began bathing me in a warm shower.  A far cry from the precipitation back in Minnesota which chilled me to the bone. Just before I found my sand bar hotel, the storm was over.  I guess the radar must have missed that one.  I am glad I didn't.


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