Thursday, July 5, 2012

There's Nothing Down There

"There's nothing down there."

That's what Ray told me when I left the last "fuel dock" just south of St. Louis.  I had heard variations on that theme from others.

Jeff told me to have at least 5 gallons of water on board south of Memphis because towns were few and far between and temperatures and humidity would soar.  He was right!  Others were probably referring to how the Upper Mississippi's wildlife is so abundant and its shores so scenic.  The Lower Mississippi is a persistent montage of sand bars and rip-wrap levees protecting occasional hamlets and farms.  My conclusion, however, is that it's simply different down here.  The sand bars make for great beach camp sites. The critters may be a bit more ornery (gar, water moccasins, alligators).  But the folks north AND south have been very helpful and friendly.  You have met many of them on this blog.  So, Ray, there's lots down here and more surprises around each bend of the river.

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  1. Jonathan asked me to re-read this one and when I got to the part about ornry critters he said, "Did he say La Rae?" I had to laugh out loud. He heard me say La Rae but I must have said something similar that sounded like that...Oh ya, I probably said Ray. Sounds like you are progressing despite the hot temperatures. Enjoy reading your blog.