Monday, October 3, 2016

15 miles

I had planned to paddle 30 miles each day.  I figured that if I had paddled 40 miles a day on my Mississippi River pilgrimage with an assist from the current, my projected canal pace was reasonable.
Furthermore I had to get to New Orleans for a Youth Gathering in a two month window covering 2350 miles, so I had to stay on schedule.
On this journey I wanted to slow down and savor the history, culture and scenery along the canal and Hudson River...30 miles seemed to make sense.
And then reality broke in.  After several days of paddling with remarkably favorable weather, my bones and muscles screamed "30 miles are too many..."  My slow boat, occasional pauses to enjoy local flavor (food, ale, custard and most of all people) as well as have time and energy to reflect and write, all together were singing a chorus of that song I learned in grade school, "15 miles on the Erie Canal".  If it was good enough for a mule named "Sal" it's good enough for paddler named Dave.


  1. Hi Dave,
    I've been following your posts and love reading it. Sounds like all is going fairly well, but the wind and those carp must really be something!! I'm starting my own "journey" of sorts right now and I can definitely relate to the fear and the TRUST! Barb and Jim were here last night and we ate at the Highlander where you,Bob and I ate when you were here on your last journey.
    Well, safe're in my prayers,

  2. Hi Bonnie,
    Great to hear from you....I am home and enjoying showers and a comfortable bed and looking back on a wonderful and challenging journey! Thanks for your note and God's peace be with you!