Monday, October 3, 2016

Carp diem horribilis

As I paddled out of Fairport the other day I encountered the dreaded "headwind." Even as I hugged the shore to blunt the 20 mile an hour gusts, it felt and even looked like I was paddling uphill!
Suddenly something crashed into the side of my boat. I was startled by what I thought might be a floating log.  Discovering no damage I soldiered on. Just as I regained my rhythm, without warning another large fish flew over the bow of my kayak.  Again I was freaked out and quickly redirected my course farther from shore toward the channel. 
What the heck was going on?
I had asked folks fishing on the banks what they were catching.  The common answer was Catfish and Carp. 
Eureka and Deja vou!  I had similar scares on my Mississippi Kayak journey when an invasive species known as Asian Carp would seemingly out of nowhere jump over and even into my boat.  Beyond the fright factor, these fish are voracious eaters and are upsetting the fish ecology in the river with real concern of ultimately reaching the Great Lakes.
Back to the canal...
Thinking I was out of range I powered into the wind.  And then it happened...another Carp flew out of the water so close to my face that I could barely see out of my sun glasses because of the spray.
That was it.  Wind or Carp?   Carp won and with that soggy defeat I headed into the wind tunnel of mid channel.  Carp diem horribilis vincit!


  1. Not being a fisherman, I'm not that enthused at the idea of baiting hooks or catching fish. But O My Gosh--if they were flying at and hitting me while in a boat, kayak, or whatever...I'd be outta there. I already knew this, but you've got more guts than I would ever have. Flying fish would be the last straw.

  2. Sorry about the fish for you and the river.
    When will you be coming through Albany? Do you need anything? A friend from Edmonds, WA sent me your blog.

  3. The more I think about it, I was very fortunate to avoid getting clobbered in the head by the carp! Now that I am home I can appreciate all the ways God took care of me! Thanks for your notes!!