Monday, June 25, 2012

Arkansas McDonalds Run

After paddling 60 miles in up to 100 degrees Mark interrupted his catfish angling to drive me to Osceola for fries, salad, hot fudge sundae.

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  1. Hello Dave. I hope this message finds you safe and doing well.I hope you found Beale Street to you're liking. Just wanted to check out you're web site and say Hello and wish ya luck.Thats one mean river.Also,I went fishing this morning and caught a 15 pound flathead cat.But went back this afternoon and had no luck at all.Except for one small flathead.Hope to have better luck in th morning. Be extra careful throughout the rest of you're journey and take care.My phone number is 870-740-7840.If I can do anything for you just give me a call