Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fish Story

Several folks who have been following the blog sent notes of appreciation for the "Fishing, Technology, and Uncle Lester" entry.

Let me add a "fish story".  As I paddle the Mississippi I find myself singing a lot.  Remember "Oh, what a beautiful morning!"? 

Another musical I have always loved is Porgy and Bess.  While the characters are a bit stereotyped, the music still moves me.

"Summer time and the livin' is are jumping and the cotton is high."  I now understand that line "fish are jumpin'.." because they really do jump all the time and all over the river.  Maybe it's because I am on the water all day and have little else to do, but here's the best part of "true story".  On several occasions fish have jumped over the front of my boat and and almost jumped into my boat. My uncle Lester is smiling and nodding his head!  And they do this without warning often causing a spike in my blood pressure and other near anatomical responses. 

In local riverside restaurants the fish list jumps off the menu.  In Minnesota, the walleye heads the list.  But down in the lower Mississippi, you can choose between catfish, buffalo, and carp.  Being a vegetarian I am certainly a "stranger in a strange land". 

Despite her sweet intentions, I had to tell a waitress recently that "friend okra" was not the solution.  Back to the "fish story".  Sorry, no pictures.

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