Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Math Question

Most days I paddle a minimum of 10 hours.  The other day I was in my kayak for 13 hours.  As I move through the lower Mississippi after St. Louis there are no dams/locks as the flow of the river picks up speed.  I plan to paddle 50 plus miles each day.  There are fewer towns and bigger barges.  It's a big river as it moves into the "South".

So here's a math question I thought of during one of the more monotonous stretches of the river.

How many strokes of my paddle will be required to get me to New Orleans? 
a.  750,000 
b. 6,000,000
c. 2,000,000
d. 3,500,000.

I will spare you the math calculations.   But at a rate of 50-60 strokes per minute, 10 hours a day, 65 days of paddling......the correct answer is approximately 2,000,000.

Now I will do my best to wipe that information out of my mind!

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